Jessie Adriaense, MSc


My PhD is a full-time collaboration between the Cognitive Biology dept. (supervision: Prof. Dr. Thomas Bugnyar) and the SCAN-Unit at the faculty of Psychology (supervision: Prof. Dr. Claus Lamm). In my research I focus on the proximate mechanisms of empathy and emotions, by means of non-invasive behavioural and cognitive studies, in both humans and non-human animals (social primate and bird species). Overall I am greatly interested in fundamental questions such as: What defines an animal emotion? How do we measure animal emotions? And how do we measure emotional transfer between subjects, such as emotional contagion? My theoretical background is in affective neuroscience and experimental psychology, and in my current work I employ concepts from the fields of cognitive biology and ethology. I also enjoy consolidating this knowledge within the applied animal sciences such as animal welfare.